You Can't Handle the Truth!!



Here is my philosophy about buying and selling which I think separates me from my competitors. First and foremost is that you make all decisions in a knowing and informed way. That is that you have sufficient facts to make the decision.

What happens in the relationship with a buyer and seller is that we get intimately involved in one of the 3 bigs of your personal life. The other 2 being marriage and children. Because I am a practiced attorney, I frequently am invited to even deeper levels of intimacy. What you will get from me is a rigorous work out of your thought processes. Frequently buyers and sellers are moving for certain reasons. The genesis of those reasons may be right or maybe based on assumptions which are incorrect. I have probably met most of you a thousand times. If you are a brand new client, once we have met the first time, then I already know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and the rest of it is to make sure the numbers are right and that it all gets done with no runs, no drips, no errors. Contact Me.

With some degree of frequency the desired end result makes not sense. Or it cannot be done or accomplished with the facts as they are or the method by which you think it can be done. One of my great assets is knowing how to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. Then there is the question of “whether” it should be done, even if it can be. I think this is one of the things that truly separates me from my peers. I do make you justify what you are doing to yourself. If I think you are making a mistake, I will tell you and then show you why. I will tell you 3 times you are making a mistake and if after having shown and told you that you are making a mistake then I remind you that this is the 3rd time I have told you, remind you why it is a mistake, and then inform you that I will no longer bring it up. That is the part where you are making knowing and informed decisions. Informed consent, not salesmanship and manipulation. Contact Me.