About Merrill Moores




I am a life long, third generation Indianapolis citizen. I obtained my real estate license while I was in law school. In my early days I was a Marion County Prosecutor. Thereafter I became a real estate appraiser in 1991. I was trained by one of the top appraisers in Marion County. I gave up my Appraisal license in the mid 1990’s because in order to keep appraisal accounts I was formally required to push values or lose the business. I knew the current real estate disaster was coming for a long time. None of this is a shock to me. I now do appraisals for divorces and estates only and do them under my real estate brokerage license. Contact Me.


In the mid to late 90’s, I was president of a major national real estate franchise. I also formed a title company, a mortgage company, practiced law, and sold residential and commercial real estate. I became disillusioned by the constraints and demands of owning a national real estate franchise. As the technology progressed I came to realize that the ownership of a national franchise was not adding value to my clients, to the process of buying and selling homes, nor to me. I let my twin brother, with whom I started LorCor Mortgage, Inc. take the mortgage company. I closed WilMac Title Company, Inc., sold the national franchise, and have never looked back. Contact Me.


I am married and have 3 children.  I have been doing this for 24 years and have mastered every aspect of the residential transaction.  I think more, evaluate more, look more, research more, and have thought more about residential real estate and all it aspects than anyone else that I have met.  I know that because I chat with my peers and in so doing come away with the unmistakeable conclusion that there are many subtleties and nuances which have never even crossed their minds. Contact Me.


I am an expert in residential real estate in terms of value, trends, marketing, resale, new construction. I come with an opinion. Facts are wonderful things and my clients make informed and knowing decisions. My philosophy when representing buyers is that we should all know at the same time when we have found the home if I have done my job right. When it comes to Sellers my marketing plan is aggressive and state of the art. If you are thinking of buying or selling, then MEET WITH MOORES. It is FREE. Experience and learn the difference for yourself. After all, all realtors have the MLS, the question becomes what else is my Agent doing for me? If the decision you are making is hundreds of thousands of dollars, why wouldn’t you want to consult a true professional?


For a Free no obligation meeting call me or contact me.