So you are thinking that your bar buddy, or you new wife's maid of honor just might not be the person you want representing you in your first quarter of a million dollar deal.  But you have to use her or him....right?  How can you possibly get out of that and still maintain the relationship?  Well, let me help you out here.  These are reasons that a lot of my clients have used in the past.


1.  Bill, I would love to use you but there are legal matters involved in my and Sally's purchase and financing which require me to use an attorney.   

       This never fails because they want to know immediately what the issue is.  If it is your bar buddy, tell them that this is your wife's parents requirements and they are the source of the down payment and thusly you have no choice in the matter.  If it is the wife's best friend, Ms. Eager and clueless, just reverse the rolls..

     Also tell them that the nature of the issue is one of confidentiality to which you cannot by law share with them but it does carry the day and that's that.  This stops all further inquiries with a wall and maintains the relationship. Contact Me