In my 24 years in this industry, it never ceases to amaze me the trust that is blindly put in us in a transaction that almost always involves 100’s of thousands of dollars and frequently approaches or exceeds a $1,000,000 if you are buying and selling. That trust is frequently exacerbated by a pretty cavalier attitude by both buyers and sellers toward a huge business transaction that belies the size of the transaction and the potential downside of making a mistake and being wrong, if even by just 5%-10%. This is Business, Big Business, Your Business!!  Exactly how many deals have you been involved in which there are hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, particularly your stake!! Our industry is replete with agents who are what I call transactionally sound, that is to say, they can write up a purchase agreement, input your home on the same websites we all use, and get you to sale or a purchase. The question is not whether, but how? If you sell a home for $120,000 and buy one for $250,000 and between the two transactions made a 5% mistake, that is an $18,500 mistake and it is all yours!!. At $500,000 it is a $25,000 mistake, and so it goes. Skill matters, analytical skills matter, negotiating skills matter, experience matters!! There are lots of nuances in this process. The out of town buyer, the overly exuberant youthful buyer, the buyer represented by a rookie agent, the Seller represented by a high volume lister/seller agent ( don’t confuse high volume selling agents with the best…the question is whether their success is your success).  And how would you even begin to know? This is not hundreds of dollars, It is thousands of dollars!! If you are thinking of buying or selling I invite you to explore the information under my Buyer and Seller tabs at the top of my site. I think you will find it a worthwhile endeavor. Are you Buying, Selling or Both?  To experience the difference for yourself, Contact Me




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