There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.

I would be happy to email you additional testimonials if you are interested.


(This client gets me!!  If you wonder where these things come from...scroll down...that is me in blue making the humble request)

Of course! How is this:


Merrill understands the psychology, politics and money flow of the real estate business at a depth most agents cannot, utilizing his experience as a practicing real estate attorney, a former appraiser and a former owner of a title company.


This expertise prevents problems, saves you money, and - critically - means you'll be better prepared than the person on the other side of the table.


Merrill says he is a full service agent and on that he will deliver.

Before, during and after the transaction, he's a go-to resource for everything from dock leasing to hiring contractors and even finding the best neighborhood holiday light displays in town.


I've completed three deals with Merrill including a complicated purchase with a major renovation.His approach is not conventional --- if you want that, hire an agent who passed a test a few months ago. If you want an expert, hire Merrill.
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Would you be willing, in all your spare time, to write me a testimonial I could put on my website…no rush and fine if u don’t too…..

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Yeah the folks below were not happy about the conclusions I gave them and I did not get a thing out of this except new friends and sellers who now realize what I bring to the table and will absolutely use me when the time comes....



Merrill brings a unique blend of real estate knowledge and legal experience in real estate transactions. He performed a very detailed market analysis of our home at no cost to us. With his exhaustive market analysis, Merrill gave us the information we needed to avoid committing a huge mistake (i.e. selling our beautiful custom house at a ridiculous low/loss, as our area began picking up this spring.)

Refinancing was another area that Merrill helped us with. With most refi’s, the best you can do is walk away with ‘zero cost’ and a decent rate. Little did we know, the banks are waving thousands of dollars infront of the refi brokers to get business….and the brokers keep that money for themselves. Merrill pointed us to a broker who takes only the minimum and hence, we not only walked away with the thousands of dollars of ‘bank’s bonus’, we also locked in the low rate until we are ready to move. Big win again,….thank you Merrill for all your help.                                                  Contact



“We had a challenging situation regarding the sale of our home and after considering several well‐known agents and large firms, we were impressed by the experience we thought Merrill could provide in marketing and selling our home. We had a possible short sale situation compounded by the real estate market collapse, a second mortgage, and a home that needed to be updated to make it more marketable. With Merrill, we found a seasoned veteran with a law degree and legal experience; a certified appraiser with mortgage lending experience; and an experienced realtor with many years of selling homes in the Geist area where our home was located. Add to that resume the enjoyment of working together with a real estate marketing pro who was easy to work with and never disappointed us with his efforts and you have Merrill Moores, whose advice and consultation at every step in the process was right on target.” William S


This was truly an interesting sale.  As objectively as possible, some of the work I did on this was truly amazing.  The first mortgage thought it was the second and the second thought it was the first and that is what they thought about each other.  If they had ever figured it out, the process by which this went down would have been completely different.  Jim Rockford all the way.  Lots of other smaller issues in this one, which but for me being me, would have turned out differently for the sellers, M2 Contact Me


Merrill Moores did a fantastic job for us, selling our existing home and holding our hand while building our new home. He is not only a realtor, he is also a licensed appraiser and an attorney. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in all 3 areas so we didn't have to research and hire separate experts for each.

He was able to provide a more extensive appraisal of a somewhat unique situation. He was present for both the home inspection and the appraisal to help head off any concerns. And, he and his expert contacts addressed and favorably resolved every issue on the inspectors extensive list.

Whenever any problems or questions came up, he took charge and jumped in like an obsessed pit bull and got the job done. He did a great job negotiating several counter offers. 

Then, he was there with us during discussions with the builder, negotiated and reviewed the contract, lined up the home inspector, which I never even thought to do, boy was that a good idea, and helped with the mortgage process.

It just seemed like he went above and beyond what we expected from a realtor. He took a lot of the stress out of what is always a very stressful process.  

His background and experience were a real asset for us and made a real difference. 

Russ and Barb Werner


Yep, I meet the appraisers at my listings because of too many low appraisals and this was a unique situation regarding their home...so I don't leave that stuff to chance whereas my peers do, and even if they do show up, they don't know how to get done with the appraiser that which needs to get done.  Having appraised  for years, I speak their language, I know what they are already thinking and I handle it.  Just had an acquaintance whose parents lost $15,000 of their home sale price because of a low appraisal.  They used a big company big lister realtor. This is big business folks.  M2 Contact Me



Thanks for the clarification. You are the best! I miss hearing your tales. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done and are doing to help with all of this.  There's not much left, but I am so grateful to now always have a roof over my head and the opportunity to rebuild my savings and retirement is within my grasp. Thank you again for your support and kindness during the ups and downs of buying this home. Life is strange sometimes and we never know whom we will meet, and I thank God to have introduced us. Thanks so much! - Kim
They are not all this effusive and not everybody writes one but it is nice to be appreciated and recognized for extraordinary work. M2  Contact Me
Wow, what a trip.  It ain't exactly HGTV is it?  Jules and I are very clear that the success of this adventure could not have been accomplished without your unique skill set.  I am confident that there is not another Realtor who could have done what you did and gotten this done so that it made sense....especially dollars and sense.  We are impressed and thank you and applaud you. - Brad and Jules

A particularly complicated purchase that was fraught with peril but successfully negotiated and navigated. M2 Contact Me

Hey we are out of boxes and the dust is settling....lets get on each others social calendar.  Robin and I want to thank you for everything.  We have bought and sold homes before so we recognize the difference we just experienced.  There is no getting around that buying and selling is stressful.  Now that you have educated us we don't look at the world in the same way.  So much of what you taught us in this process is applicable to other areas of  our lives.  Suffice it to say that we are more than satisfied with your service and appreciate the value we received. - Bob.

Nothing particularly noteworthy here, except to say that addressing what I call the push me pull me nature of a sell and buy requires particular attention to detail to diminish the impact of timing involved in getting a home sold and getting the home that you want.  It also demonstrates that I am always educating on other areas of your life. Contact me.