Bigger Companies are better, Agents from Bigger companies are Better, Agents who sell more are better. Bigger, Bigger, Bigger. Right?  Wrong! Here is how our industry works. This is relevant to buyers and sellers. There are 4 pitches you get  when we are trying to get you to let us sell your home. They are as follows:

1. I sell a lot of real estate- The Big Seller.

2. My company sells a lot of real estate-The Big Company

3. I have the best marketing system.  The Best Marketer

4. I have better access to your potential buyer. A Higher Pedigree

Let’s take them in order. I sell a lot of real estate. The big seller is hard to resist. They sell a lot of real estate and they can prove it. They must be smart, they must really know their business, I will get the best the industry has to offer. Are you sure?

Our business lends itself very nicely to high volume. With a couple of assistants we can handle selling 25 homes at a time. Buyers are tougher…you guys take time if we are doing our jobs right. But the question is not whether they sell a lot and have streamline operations to handle a lot of sales. The question for you is whether or not your sale and purchase maxed out in terms of dollars to you. It is whether everything went right. If you left 7% on the table between buying and selling at a $130,000 sale and a $300,000 purchase, that could be as high as $30,000.00. How would you even know?  To appreciate how that frequently comes to pass go to my Sellers Tab, Buyers Tab, and or my War Stories Tab and read what you should know about the Selling and Buying process. Contact Me.

My company sells more than anybody.” Well this is a variation on “I sell a lot” approach, except that the Agent in front of you does not sell a lot but is associated with a large local firm who cumulatively sells a lot. So here is the deal. A company which has 50 or more agents should sell a lot, right? They have a lot of agents right? Of course they never tell you they have a lot of homes that never sell. Why is that not told to you? Even more interesting since you are doing a deal in the hundreds of thousands of dollars…why aren’t you asking? By the way, how many deals have you been involved in where the outcome is personal to you and there are hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake and there are no do overs? Lots of us can get it done, but can we get it done in the best possible outcome to you? Transactions in the hundreds of thousands of dollars are business transactions. They are huge!! They are all about you. It is so easy to make a mistake and not get a better price whether buying or selling. Just because they are a licensed Realtor, how do you know what they say to you is true? If they can’t document it, give you a true analysis as opposed to the canned programmed output that results in such worthless information as average and median that all MLS’s can provide, then how do you know? Maybe you should find out. I can do it. Contact Me.

Then, there is the “I have the best marketing system.” approach. When you have an agent telling you as a selling point about himself that he or she posts to 30 or more websites, in my opinion you are being manipulated. The bottom line is that there are only about 5-6 sites that drive online traffic in our business. After that it is just as effective to pick up a phone book and randomly call someone and see if they want to buy your home. So we all advertise your home in the same place. There is certainly something to presentation, but it is beyond the scope of the point being made here. See the tab labeled Brad Pitt under the Seller's tab up top for more on those issues. Contact Me.

Finally, some Sellers make a decision based on the perception that some companies or agents are generally dealing with a higher level of clientele. Or they are told that by the Agent as a selling point. That may actually be true, frequently it is not true, but regardless, so what? If it is the Agent saying they have better access to potential buyers, then it is a question of how many buyers are they currently working with that are in your price range and area.  If it is the company then what difference does it make whether you list it with any particular agent?  The answer is none.  There is no question as to who has it listed…only that it is listed?  The one thing that can be said is that no agent, no company has a lock on any particular market or clientele. We all get our clients from someplace. We all have strata of socio economic clientele. But even if a company has a local contract with a fortune 500 company to handle their out of town transferees, it does not matter who has the home listed for sale. That out of town buyer, the doctor, the attorney, the ceo sits down with the agent, any agent, gives them their criteria, their criteria is input to the computer, and whatever listings which match that criteria that are on market at the time…get seen. So it is not the agent, it is not the company, it is whomever it is that is currently working with your eventual buyer and the odds are it is not the agent seeking to get your listing, and it is probably not the company with whom she is associated, and even if it what.  That agent shows your home if I have it listed or if one of her office compatriots has it listed.  So then the question still comes down to the skill of your agent. ( To see more on the out of town buyer check out that tab up top). So the value that there is to be had from an Agent when you are selling is their valuation skills, their negotiating skills, and their ability to handle the myriad of subtleties and nuances and even surprise situations. That is it. We all market in the same places to the same people. Contact Me.


Your only check in this industry is your Agent. We all have the same MLS. Even your big company Agent is all you get with a big company, not the company itself. There are not 200 other agents at big company real estate firm doing anything about your listing you happen to just have with one of their co agents.

So don't get fooled by size or volume. In this case it does not matter. It is quality and what you do with it. For interesting reads on what can happen by not choosing the right agent, buying or selling click on my War Stories Tab.  If you want an experienced skilled agent Contact Me.