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Current Listings

10628 Windjammer Circle Circle, Indianapolis, IN
11053 Windermere Boulevard, Fishers, IN
124 Zona Drive, Auburn, IN
3835 North Ruckle Street, Indianapolis, IN
4340 Springwood Trail, Indianapolis, IN
5441 Fenmore Road, Indianapolis, IN
5841 Rockingham Lane, McCordsville, IN
6220 Iona Drive, Indianapolis, IN
7102 W Rockville Road, Indianapolis, IN
7120 W West Rockville Road Road, Indianapolis, IN
8215 East Beechwood Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
8511 Capitans Court, Indianapolis, IN
9055 Rockville Road, Indianapolis, IN
9517 N 550 W, Carthage, IN
9663 Farragut Circle, Indianapolis, IN

Sold Listings

1118 Dukane Court, Indianapolis, IN
11237 Turfgrass Way Way, Indianapolis, IN
11245 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
11280 Cumberland Road Road, Fishers, IN
12381 Bellingham Boulevard, Fishers, IN
12996 Mariner Court Court, Mccordsville, IN
13872 Fernleaf Way Way, Carmel, IN
13872 Fernleaf Way, Carmel, IN
1749 Southview, Indianapolis
1935 Justice Drive, Greenfield, IN
19654 North Promise Road, Noblesville, IN
2016 North Park, Indianapolis, IN
223 5326 Whitemarsh Lane, Indianapolis
2439 Tesh Drive Drive, Indianapolis, IN
2536 Hawthorn Place Place, Noblesville
3590 Christopher Lane, Indianapolis, IN
3803 Nesbitt Road, Indianapolis, IN
3835 Ruckle Street Street, Indianapolis, IN
4 7790 Harbour Isle, Indianapolis, IN
4139 Orchard Valley Lane, Indianapolis, IN
4368 Lincoln Road, Indianapolis, IN
5145 Carob Court, Indianapolis, IN
5419 Graceland, Indianapolis, IN
5855 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis, IN
5958 Northland Road Road, Indianapolis, IN
6220 Iona Road, Indianapolis, IN
6742 Bruton Drive Drive, Indianapolis
8038 Conarroe Road, Indianapolis, IN
8173 N N Troy Road Road, Greenfield, IN
8224 Autumn Mill Lane, Indianapolis, IN
8225 Beechwood Av., Indianapolis, IN
8469 Compton Street, Indianapolis, IN
8469 Compton Street, Indianapolis, IN
8626 Seaward Lane, Indianapolis, IN
8950 North Sargent Road, Indianapolis, IN
9137 Lantern Lane, Indianapolis, IN
9671 Nautilus Circle, Indiana, IN
9931 Scotch Pine Lane, Indianapolis, IN

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